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Trust survey results a fail for Council

The latest results from the Measuring Auckland Council’s trust and reputation survey shows that Council is failing, says Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff.

Council today released its survey which shows that only 17 percent of Aucklanders trust Council to make the right decisions and only 15 percent are satisfied with Council’s performance.

“Satisfaction with the Council’s performance – across the board – is at rock bottom. The Council is viewed by many as a bloated and unwieldy bureaucracy which ignores the views of Aucklanders while presiding over soaring rates and debt,” Phil Goff said.

“When less than one in five have confidence in Council, that’s a fail.

“The October election has to be a new beginning for Council which needs to be more efficient. Council has to learn to do more with less.

“A vital element in earning back the trust of Aucklanders will be restoring democracy and transparency, where people feel confident that their elected representatives are in the drivers’ seat, responding to their needs as constituents and communities.

“Council needs to be a strong and effective advocate on behalf of Aucklanders, especially when it comes to dealing with central government.

“There needs to be a change in culture. Both the elected arm of Council – the Governing Body – and the administrative arm – the bureaucracy – must work more openly, more efficiently and more effectively.

“If elected Mayor, the hallmarks on my mayoralty will be strengthening democracy, enhancing accountability, greater transparency and doing more with less through better efficiency and effectiveness.

“We need a council that is a transparent, democratic public institution – accountable and responsible to the people of Auckland.”

Authorised by Phil Goff, 59 High St, Auckland