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Transforming Auckland’s waterfront

Relocating Auckland’s port is the best solution for meeting its growing demand for space while freeing up the city’s most valuable waterfront land for exciting residential and commercial opportunities as well as new public spaces, says Mayoral candidate Phil Goff.

Mr Goff today released his policy designed to protect the Waitemata Harbour and find an appropriate alternative site for the Ports of Auckland.

“The Waitemata Harbour is the jewel in Auckland’s crown and must be protected for future generations to enjoy. As Mayor, I will not allow the Port to reclaim more of the harbour. My commitment is to restore Aucklanders’ access to this prime waterfront site so that people rather than imported cars get to enjoy its natural beauty,” said Mr Goff.

“Auckland is at a crossroads and some difficult decisions need to be made. As the city and its population grows, so does the Port’s need for more land and capacity to deal with increased freight volumes. We could continue to fill in the harbour to accommodate that need, but I am absolutely opposed to doing that. Instead, I believe that some, and eventually all, of the Port’s functions should be moved to an alternative site.”

Mr Goff says a final decision cannot be made until financial, technical and environmental considerations relating to alternative port locations can be fully analysed. While there have been many studies done, none have adequately and comprehensively addressed this issue.

“The latest EY study did not have adequate terms of reference or sufficient time to undertake the detailed analysis needed to properly investigate alternative sites. It also lacked input from the wider region and central government.

“It doesn’t make sense to make a unilateral decision for Auckland without considering what the best economic and environmental solution is for the region as a whole. It’s vital that central government is involved in this process.

“My support for relocating the port is based on the success of other cities that have shifted their ports away from their city centres. Wellington, Sydney, Vancouver and London have all demonstrated how you can transform cities by making this change.

“Restoring Aucklanders’ access to their harbours and creating vibrant public spaces along with new residential and high-value commercial areas will transform our city. It will also provide benefits such as reducing congestion caused by heavy trucks moving freight out of the port and city centre. Currently 2000 trucks are clogging the streets and motorways around the Port every day. Over time this will double and create even greater gridlock.

“Ports of Auckland needs certainty to plan ahead and Aucklanders want to realise the vision of a city that is a more vibrant and exciting place to live. While it may take years to move the port, vital decisions about the future of these facilities and the city need to be taken now,” said Mr Goff.


Authorised by Phil Goff, 59 High St, Auckland