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Goff welcomes recommendation for alternative port location study

Mayoral candidate Phil Goff says the starting point for any alternative port location study must be that further reclamation of the Waitemata by Auckland’s port is ruled out.

EY today released the Port Future Study which notes further investigations to find an alternative port location is needed and a monitoring regime should be put in place to determine optimal time for the move.

“I made it quite clear when I released my Ports policy last month that I will not support any further reclamation of the Waitemata Harbour and a detailed study is needed to determine the Port’s new home. I welcome the fact that the study has reached similar conclusions,” Phil Goff said.

"It is clear from the study, the conclusion reached is that the demand generated by a million more Aucklanders, by 2050, will exceed the capacity of the port to operate on its current footprint. Unless Aucklanders want the port to encroach further into the harbour, alternative sites will ultimately become necessary. 

"Any decision has to be made within the context of regional and national needs and a decision of this size needs input from central government.  That discussion needs to involve the ports of Auckland, Tauranga and Whangarei. 

"What is important is that the decision takes account of what the wider region needs, not in five years, but in fifty years time.  A decision on that long term strategy will be needed sooner rather later in order to create certainty for investment and development planning," Mr Goff said.

Authorised by Phil Goff, 59 High St, Auckland