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Infrastructure fund makes way for new partnership

Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff welcomes the announcement of the Housing Infrastructure Fund noting it sets the precedent for Government and councils to work together to address the housing crisis.

The Government today announced a $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund for five councils to bid to help with new infrastructure for new housing projects.

“This is an important first step because it means central government is acknowledging the scale of the crisis and is stepping up to help Council,” Phil Goff said.

“The amount itself is not very much when split five ways and will be used quickly. But the fund sets the precedent for central government and councils to work together.

“Auckland needs tens of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure and the Council alone cannot raise this so I am pleased the Government is coming on board to help with much needed infrastructure.

“The housing problem, just like transport, cannot be fixed by Council alone. This is why the ability to work with central government is a vital skill for the in-coming mayoral. As mayor, it would be a priority for me to bring together all the stakeholders to work together constructively,” Mr Goff said.

Authorised by Phil Goff, 59 High St, Auckland