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ATAP step in the right direction

Auckland Mayoral candidate Phil Goff says the Auckland Transport Alignment Project agreement between Auckland Council and the Government is a step in the right direction but more investment will be needed to prevent Auckland hitting transport gridlock.

“I welcome the fact that Auckland Council and the Government are now talking constructively. As Mayor, I will continue that dialogue and engagement,” said Phil Goff.

“Auckland is facing disproportionate growth compared to the rest of New Zealand, is contributing more to the government’s revenue coffers, and so needs more capital from government to fund the infrastructure deficit.

“What is outlined in today’s report represents a $4 billion shortfall minimum, in terms of the investment Auckland needs. This needs to be addressed.

“Aucklanders are also prepared to fund their share of the transport infrastructure needed. Progressing this so that Auckland Council can raise the revenue Auckland needs without hitting ratepayers with massive rate hikes will be a priority for me.”

Authorised by Phil Goff, 59 High St, Auckland